21 January 2011

We Found Nemo!

On Wednesday, I rearranged my work schedule so I had a few hours off in the middle of the afternoon.  After Joe was done with classes for the day, we met up for a little freebie date and found Nemo at the Shedd Aquarium.

The Aquarium was offering free admission this week to the main floor.  No dolphin show for us, but we did get to watch a diver feed all the fish in the main fish tank.  

Did you know that manta rays don't really need their long tails?  The tails are primarily for self-defense and the manta ray can swim just fine without the tail.  One manta ray in the main tank lost his tail to a nasty fish but seems no worse for the wear.  

We were amazed at how huge some fish (especially the ones found in the Amazon) grow and how tiny others stay.  We giggled over fish fights and annoyed each other with crab pinchers and snapping turtle moves.  

We sat and watched the fish swimming in the main tank for what seemed like forever.  It's amazingly soothing to just watch the fish swim.  I may or may not have asked Joe for a fish or two to hold me over until the day we end up with a puppy.

And on our walk home, I thanked my lucky stars that I have a work arrangement that lets me take advantage of little mid-afternoon dates with Joe to explore this city we love so much.


Anonymous said...

I miss Chicago! Love love love the Shedd!

KT Mac said...

I love this city! SO happy we moved here.