18 January 2011

Sweet Little Love Note

I came home late last night.  

To this little note on the mirror. 

Which made me smile. 

But then I had to laugh at the irony.  Because at that moment, this girl was anything but pretty.  All covered in clay from her first pottery class. 

I didn't realize I'd get THAT messy.  

But it was a blast playing with clay and learning how to actually make something on the pottery wheel.  And Joe's little love note made for a sweet little "welcome home."  I love our Chicago life. 


Mb said...

OMG i love this. I'm linking to this post.

Hails said...

that is amazing! I can't even get my boyfriend to pick up the dish after he USES IT, let alone write me a note. you got a keeper!

KT Mac said...

Hails.....the dishes are still hit or miss, but I agree, Joe's a keeper!

Mb - these little things make me smile too much to keep to myself. Glad others like them too!