27 January 2011

My Bro - The Storyteller

My bro's stories make me laugh. 

This story is a bit old, but for some reason I was thinking about it the other day and figured y'all could use a laugh too. 

Back in high school, DMac was a football player (among other things) and if you think about it, those football helmets get awfully sweaty and gross.  Football players usually have some nasty acne for a reason.  

One year, DMac got a nasty boil on his forehead.  After getting it lanced, Mom dropped him off at football practice with a band-aid over the boil. 

Another player, sweet kid but stereotypical dumb jock, walked up and asked, "Oh, DMac, are you okay?"

Without missing a beat, DMac told him, "I was leaking brain fluid.  The doctor took the rest out of my forehead and put it back in my ear."

"Oh wow, glad you're okay."

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