25 January 2011

KtMac Confessions: When I Remember

When I look back and recall the everyday joys of my life, it is always the smallest things that make me smile the most. 

For example, even though Joe and I had a great time last week at the Shedd Aquarium, I just know that in the future when I'm remembering that day, what I will remember most will be our walk home afterwards. 

How we "ice skated" our way to the street.  And held hands tightly - both to keep from falling and make each other skate some more.  

And how, even though I was wearing long underwear, two pairs of socks (including a pair of woolen ones stolen from Joe), all the winter weather trappings, and the crisp air made my cheeks tingle, I was warm.  From the few precious rays of sunshine, from giggles, and from being in love. 

How we laughed and teased each other and kissed and played.  And how I never wanted the moment to end.

And how handsome Joe is, and how sweet the moment was, and just how happy I was that after all those years of long distance dating, we are finally together to enjoy these little moments.  

Yep, those will surely be the things I'll remember in the years to come. 

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