03 January 2011

Hello, My Friends!

I didn't plan on disappearing. 

Whoops.  Time goes so fast.  The more I try to slow it down and savor it, the faster it speeds up. 

In the midst of being sick and trying to savor the sweetness of spending all the holidays with Joe for the first time (the three years of long-distance made it impossible to be together on the holidays before this year), daily life fell by the wayside. 

And the holidays were magical.  We kissed on Christmas Eve and Christmas and New Years' Eve and New Years' Day.  We had a white Christmas and love and laughter and memories that will make me smile for years to come.  We had sweet gifts and silly gifts and thoughtful gifts and the gifts of time and love and joy and friendship and family.  

And, on top of all that, I'm still sick.  Gah.  Three days after finishing the antibiotics for my strep throat, I was back in the doctor's office for even stronger antibiotics and a huge bottle of cough syrup with codeine.  Turns out, my strep throat wasn't really strep -- I had a touch of the walking pneumonia Joe suffered through.  And so now I'm dealing with horrible stomaches and a disgusting, bitter, metallic taste in my mouth from the meds.  Which means poor Joe has dealt with a grumpy and cranky Katie for a bit every single day.  

But I'm slowly and surely getting better.  And I have stories to tell and some pictures to share and I'm back.  So happy holidays, loves!  And I know, just know, this will be an incredible year.....


Mb said...

Ugh so sorry to hear you are still sick! Feel better soon. Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!

KT Mac said...

Ugh indeed. But I'll be ALLLLLLL better by the time I see you!!!