13 December 2010

Welcome to the Sick House

For the past week and a half, Joe has been fighting a case of walking pneumonia.  It was so bad at one point that we took him back to the doctors just to make sure the medications were working properly.  I am still a bit incredulous that both doctors called it a very mild case.  It was pretty scary, honestly, and for a while, I didn't feel comfortable leaving him alone for too long.  I take breathing issues very seriously.  

Fortunately, he's turned the corner this weekend.  While not feeling great, Joe feels much better than he did.  And we're both so glad that if he had to get sick, at least it happened while he was on winter break.   

Unfortunately, I picked up a minor cold this weekend.  Definitely not the worse cold I've ever had, but enough of one to be annoying.   And just enough of a cold for me to be whiny.

Yesterday's snowstorm left us cuddling on the couch, in front of our pretty little Christmas tree.  We've exhausted just about every movie option available to us.  We coughed our way through countless games and croaked along to a few favorite songs.  If we had to be sick, it was the best way to be sick.  Cozily together.  

I'm stir-crazy and restless and in desperate need of fresh air.  

But I'm awfully intimidated by the whole single digits, wind chills below zero and falling temperatures thing.  So I guess it's a good thing Mother Nature is forcing us to hibernate at home for the next few days.  Hopefully by the time it starts warming up again, we'll both be feeling well enough to venture out and handle our Christmas shopping.  Fingers crossed. 

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