03 December 2010

There's a Cold Wind Blowing

Winter's comin' on....

The windchill this morning is in the teens.  The teens!  Brrrr....And by the end of the weekend, the actual temperatures are supposed to be in the teens.  Combined with an estimated 4-8 inches of snow.  Guess the glorious fall we've enjoyed this year is coming to a rapidly chilly end.  

Joe is sick.  He has a cough and a fever I worry about.  He slept all day yesterday and is spending all day on the couch today.  I've stocked up on chicken noodle soup and crackers and gatorade for him.  And baking supplies and wine and things to make a creamy artichoke dip that I adore for me.

So we'll spend this snowy winter weekend curled up on the couch.  Admiring our pretty little Christmas tree and watching many episodes of NCIS and silly movies and planning all the holiday things we want to do this season.  

And if I'm feeling ambitious, the mountain of laundry will get done, Christmas cards will be written, and a long, lazy snow walk will be taken.  Just so I can admire the magic of this great city covered in snow and holiday decorations.  

Have a great weekend loves!

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