16 December 2010

A Thank You to Joe and Chicago's Finest

Oh yesterday.

Yesterday was not a good day to me.  By the time I finally crawled under the covers, I just wanted to forget yesterday ever happened.  

Was it the worst day ever?  Not hardly.  But still. 

I woke up after an awful night of restless sleep, of crying out in the middle of the night from pain, of dreaming of slurpees and ways to freezing my aching throat, of desperately seeking water.  When I woke up and thought about it, I realized my sore throat was worse and in no way should've woken me up....nevermind as much as it did. 

So I got dressed and took some time to head to Walgreen's Take Care Clinic.  Which was a neat discovery in of itself - a little clinic inside select Walgreen's to handle minor health issues for relatively cheap.  And they're covered by insurance.  And then I found out my cold was a bad enough cold to warrant nose medication and my poor sore throat was strep throat. 


See?  Sick enough to whine.  No fun for anyone. 

But Joe...Joe is finally starting to feel better.  And after two weeks at home, we were both a bit stir-crazy and a bit anxious about not getting our Christmas shopping started.  

So after I finished work for the day, we headed downtown to Water Tower Place for some holiday shopping.    Given that we're both on meds, should we have been out?  Probably not.  But we both felt okay to handle a few hours of shopping.  

Turns out, rush hour on a random Wednesday is a great time to do your Christmas shopping.  Hardly anyone was in the mall and we were able to knock off most of our list fairly easily. 

But when I was looking at something in one store, I set down a bag in front of my feet and threw my jacket and a few probable purchases on top of it.  My purse, which is one of those little clutches you wear around your wrist, was most likely tossed on top of the pile.  I really don't remember.  I thought it was okay because it was between my feet and a display.  But two women knocked over my bag as they were looking at something, which I didn't think much of at the time.  Until three minutes later when we went to pay.  

Annoying?  For sure.  Bad timing?  Absolutely.  But no one was hurt.  Joe and I called and cancelled everything in my purse before we left the mall.  And Chicago's finest gave us a ride home after I filed a police report (just in case there's identity theft issues later on).  

So lesson learned kiddos.  Even when you think you're being smart and safe, be smarter and safer!  And always, always cancel your cards immediately.  You can retroactively cancel your cell phone if you can tell them your last authorized call.  File a police report - it will help speed up the ID/card replacements and will help if your identity is also stolen.  

But a big thank you to Joe for being calm and helping handle all the logistical issues.  And a big thank you to Chicago's finest for their prompt response and politeness and for being nice enough to give us a ride home last night.  

And thankfully, Joe's present is already wrapped and under the tree!

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Mb said...

Oi vey my dear! I'm sorry to hear of your crappo day, but it seems angels are watching over you in Chi-town. Glad things didn't take an absolute turn for the absolute worst. Feel better soon!