09 December 2010

Last Minute Mad Men

A few weeks ago, Joe and I attended a Mad Men theme party.  At the last minute.  Joe had been waffling all week about attending the party and decided at lunchtime the day of that we'd go for a while.  Which meant I had only a few hours between work and party to pull together a Mad Men themed outfit for both of us.  And neither of us watch the show.  

How'd I do?
Excuse the terrible camera phone picture.

I think I pulled it off.  Sheath dress stolen from my "work clothes" closet.  Jacket, homemade and thrifted.  Gloves, vintage from Grandma.  Silver clutch (not pictured), also vintage Grandma.  

Joe wore a black suit with a white button down and a skinny tie I found in the same shop as my jacket.  

We walked in and the host immediately yelled, "Now THAT's what I was talking about!!" when I pulled off my jacket.  Interestingly enough, the guys did a better job of dressing up than the girls did.  Probably because it's a hell of a lot easier to just find a skinny tie and slick your hair back.  And then we drank and were merry and corrupted poor, confused exchange students with all our sexist comments all night long.  


Mb said...

Aw cutie! If i could have given you access to my closet i would have. i was doing Mad Men work attire before AMC. i digg this.

KT Mac said...

Thanks lovely lady! I knew if I was in DC, I'd have been raiding your stylish closet!