17 November 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Fleece, Fleece Baby!

Today's wisdom comes direct from personal knowledge, all because of a simple little mistake. 

Are you ready for a little secret? 

It's all about the fleece sheets, baby! 

Dreading the chilly winter ahead?  Especially those of you in the Chicago area?  The answer is fleece, not flannel, sheets. 

How do I know?

Last year, on my Christmas wish list, put haphazardly together while I was in Albania, I asked for a set of snowflake patterned sheets that I thought were flannel.  But when I opened them on Christmas day, I discovered they were actually fleece sheets. 

I tell you, it's like sleeping on a warm, fluffy cloud.  It makes sleepytime in winter so warm and pleasant.  

I just put them on our bed last night.  It was so nice not having to warm up the bed for twenty minutes after climbing in. 

But I'll also admit to the downside of the fleece sheets. 

It's damn near impossible to get out of bed in the mornings.  

Which, in winter, is a very good thing, no?

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