09 November 2010

KtMac Confessions: Words Fail

I keep trying to write up a summary of all the things Tiff and I did on her visit.  Lunch in the Loop.  Lincoln Park Zoo.  The Lincoln Park Conservatory.  Caldwell Lily Pond.  Fullerton Beach.  Deep Dish Pizza.  Movies and wine.  The Golden Nugget.  The movie Red.  Loyola Park Beach.  Millennium Park.  Buckingham Fountain.  Shopping at the Art Institute.  Book store shopping.  Thai food.  B.L.U.E.S. brilliance and insanity.  The Austrian Bakery.  Oz Park.  Wandering the Loop.

But the truth is, all I can say is, it was awesome.

Tiff....come back soon!  The door is always open.


Shareece said...

I think the pics may tell it all! LOL! :o)

KT Mac said...