23 November 2010

KtMac Confessions: Om No

Remember the big game I talked about trying Bikram yoga?


Om, no.

Om, hell no.

I tried for three weeks, but truth be told, yoga in a sauna really screwed up my balance.  

So badly I would often be dizzy for days after a class.  

The cons outweighed the benefits this time around. 

Next fitness challenge?  Joining the local Bally's after Thanksgiving.


Mb said...

I give you credit for trying! I just don't think there is a one-step solution to fitness that works for everyone. You gotta try everything and sometimes you like something for a while and then you decide it no longer works. Good luck in your fitness quest. Excited to hear where the next step takes you.

KT Mac said...

Thanks Mb!

Hails said...

good on ya for even trying that! I am not that big a fan of yoga (too slow, I prefer tae bo) so I can't even imagine doing it in a hot ass humid room full of smelly people farting and not using deodorant. ;)

KT Mac said...

It was definitely ripe smelling as soon as you walked into the studio. But I do have to admit, the folks who practice regularly are in AMAZING shape. Which annoys me.