02 November 2010

KtMac Confessions: A Halloween Rant

Can we talk about kids' Halloween costumes these days?

I grew up with homemade Halloween costumes.  They weren't fancy or expensive, and they may have been repeated more than once on occasion,  but they were cute and comfy and could be worn over long underwear and puffy snowsuits.  And most importantly, they were age-appropriate.  

When Joe and I wandered into Halloween stores in search of good ideas and pieces for our costumes, I saw a lot of kids costumes.  And what made me even sadder than all the kids who will never know the fun in coming up with and creating their own costumes, is just how many of the kids costumes were definitely not age appropriate.  The packaged costumes were "sexy" and slutty and too tight and short and all-in-all just wrong for a child of 7 or 8 to be wearing.  It breaks my heart.  

What happened to letting kids' imaginations run wild with possibilities when they dressed up for Halloween?  What happened to being a cute clown or Harry Potter or Minnie Mouse or a green Army man or a scarecrow or a pretty princess or a cute dog?

Why are kids being encouraged to dress up in clothes and costumes that won't be appropriate until they're 15 or 20 years older?  (And even then....)

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