20 November 2010

Just a Few...

...Saturday morning randoms. 

*  I've got a busy, but fun!, day ahead of me.  More on all the fun tomorrow. 

*  Sometimes, the best things are the little things.  Like a Starbuck's date with Joe followed by a lazy but great evening at home. 

*  I never really realized the full extent to which DC permeated my wardrobe.  I knew my business attire was mostly blacks and greys with a few browns thrown in.  After all, that's to be expected after three years of working in an office where dark purple high heels are scandalous.  But all my play clothes were black and grey with some browns thrown in too.

*  I also never really realized how depressed this wardrobe was making me.  But I went shopping the other night and came home with two colorful shirts.  And they made me SO VERY HAPPY.  Moral of the story?  Every girl needs some sassy color in her wardrobe. 

*  Joe is good at surprising me with little things.  Like cinnamon rolls from the store late at night when the bakery didn't have any that morning. 


Mb said...

I love these updates! It just reaffirms the fact that you belong in that city with your love. Miss you tons!

KT Mac said...

Thanks Mb! It definitely feels like the right place at the right time. I miss you too!!!