22 November 2010

Festival of Lights

Saturday night, Joe and I headed downtown to meet his folks and celebrate the start of Christmas season at the Festival of Lights

It is a parade and fireworks show that helps officially light up the Magnificent Mile for the start of the holiday season.  After years of D.C.'s very sedate, very politically correct lack of holiday decorations, I have been in seventh heaven watching all the lights and decorations go up in Chicago.  

I may also be singing (very off-key and randomly) the lyrics to my favorite Christmas song.  Joe is already sick of hearing that song and I haven't even played it once yet.  

And after Mickey and Minnie and the South Shore Drill Team helped light up the Magnificent Mile, the four of us ducked the crazy crowds and had a delicious Italian dinner and a leisurely drive up Lake Shore Drive to see all the city lights.  

I love this town.  

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