12 November 2010

Facebook is Funny

I just went on Facebook to see if I could find a decent picture of myself, DMac, and PMac to put in a post I wanted to write about the fact that my brothers are coming to visit this weekend!! Along with DMac's lovely girlfriend!  I am SO VERY, VERY EXCITED.  There are not enough ways to describe how excited the four of us are.  (Joe is excited too...just in his own Joe-I'm-stressing-about-upcoming-finals-next-week kind of way.)

Anyway, back to Facebook.  

I was lazy and clicked on the "see friendship" link between my bros. 

The primary picture that sums up their friendship?

A picture I tagged them on my trip to Tokyo.  I thought they'd get a kick out of the crazy flavors I didn't bring home (ran out of room after all the food things I did bring home).  

Oh, Facebook. 

Guess I'm going to assume a papparazzo role this weekend.


Mb said...

Facebook is so funny like that. My pic w/ my bro is of us in Tokyo. Every time I look at a friendship page I laugh so hard.

KT Mac said...

LoL. I like yours and Zab's page too. And ours! Love ours!