14 November 2010

Alone Again.


Well, not really.  I'm watching Love Actually right now and the author just said that as I was thinking of a title. 

My bros are gone again.  I miss them already.  Even if I'll be seeing them again in two weeks at Thanksgiving. 

It was a short, but great weekend.  

Joe and I took them out for deep dish pizza on Friday and then we spent time playing Just Dance 2.  

Saturday, we got up and headed down to the Magnificent Mile for some shopping.  We planned on seeing the Willis Tower (side note: every time I hear "Willis Tower," I automatically think of Bruce Willis), but it was rainy and overcast and not great viewing weather. 

So we went to see Due Date instead.  Then had late night burgers and played a generous game of Trival Pursuit. 

Today, however, we succeeded in seeing the Willis Tower!  

And now, I miss them already.  

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