14 October 2010

Tuff Tiff is Almost Here Thoughts!

In honor of Tuff Tiff's visit this weekend, I figured I'd do one of her favorite types of posts: randoms!

-  On the second thought, after starting yoga and dance classes, a cute but too short for pony-tails hair-do is going to have to wait.

-  So excited about my Halloween costume idea this year.  Pretty damn creative, if I may say so myself.  All I can say so far is it involves the color blue.  Which may or may not become a running theme this year.

-  Question: Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?  

-  Tuff Tiff comes to visit me tomorrow!  So damn happy!

-  Joe has midterms.  That has temporarily killed my "I wish I was back in school too" musings. 

-  Answer: He didn't have any body to go with!

-  My neighborhood seems to be pretty geeked over Halloween.  All kinds of public festival-type activities going on in my neck of the woods on Halloweekend.  Awesome. 

-  Sparkly purple nail polish is my current obsession.  So thankful I work from home and can wear such silly, random colors without worries about professionalism and office-appropriate. 

-  Please, for the love of my sanity, do NOT ask Joe about puppies and Fed-Ex.  He does NOT need any more encouragement on this terrible idea. 

-  Tuff Tiff....why aren't you here yet?!

*-*-* All pictures taken by me on walks around my neighborhood this week *-*-*

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