21 October 2010

Intense Passions

Just a few of the things I'm intensely passionate about.  Just a few....

*  That every child should experience and enjoy childhood for as long as humanly possible.  The grown-up world comes soon enough and last forever.  The magic of childhood is fleeting and special.  Please, do not force the kids to grow old before their time.

*  That not every day may be good, but there is something good in every day.  It is up to you to find the beauty in every.single.day. of your life.  Even if it's just for a minute.  If you don't, it is a wasted day.  And there's just not enough days guaranteed to you to waste even a single one.

*  Life is too short to wait.  If you have a dream to chase, a conversation you've been waiting to have, "I love you" or I'm sorry" to say, a craving for a perfect cup of coffee, a book that just needs to be finished, that great joke to share.....do not wait.  There's only so many tomorrows.

*  Racism, prejudice, and discrimination are wrong.  Even when stereotypes seem to reinforce themselves, they are still blatantly wrong.  Ending such horrific issues starts with checking your thoughts.

*  No regrets.  Everything you've said and done has helped make you whole you are.  Sure, you may wish for a do-over, but don't regret.  Life is too short.  Say it.  Find out for sure.  Don't hesitate.

*  Life isn't meant to make you feel good.  Life is meant to make you feel.  Feel those emotions and know that  as cliche as it might sound, the bad times don't last forever and neither do the good times.  Life balances itself out and you'll be a stronger, happier person for the tough times.  In other words, you have to experience the bad to truly appreciate the good.

*  Nothing is sadder than an unlived, lonely life.  Follow your dreams.  Screw what others think.  If it makes you happy and doesn't harm others, live every day of your life in a way that makes you you.  And make room in your life for love and friendship and close relationships.  You don't want to end up old and alone.

*  Work-life balance.  A career and a paycheck are good things.  I certainly believe that having some money brings happiness.  Just don't get so caught up in making more money than memories.  There's a time to work hard and a time to play hard.  Remember that.

*  Water is essential.  Sunlight is essential.  Shelter is essential.  Food is essential.  Chocolate is essential.  Education is essential.  Wine is essential.  A cozy blanket is essential.  A good, beloved book is essential.  Hugs and kisses are essential.  Freedom (from fear, want, need, and discrimination) is essential.  Love and laughter are essential.  Everything else is just a bonus.  And if you're lucky enough to have all those things, share the wealth and do your best to make sure others have those things too.

*  If you can't find happiness, excitement, and pleasure in the little things, the big things aren't going to make you very happy either.

*  Leave a little room in your life for faith, or magic, or religion, or the belief that anything is possible and that not everything can (or should) be explained.

*  Don't live your life in fear.  Healthy fears are good -- they prevent you from doing stupid things to mess up your life.  But don't live afraid.  The boogeyman is not out to get you.  Bad things are just as likely to happen in your living room as they are when you're out and enjoying life.  I absolutely hate the recent vague government warning about potential terrorist attacks in Europe someday.  Really?  And I hate even more that people would give up their dream vacations because there might or might not be a terrorist attack at some point on the continent.  What a waste.

*  Love wins.  Always.  


Hails said...

I found your blog via Jamieann's comment section and I read this post and I have to say, it honestly brought me to tears. Especially "just don't get so caught up in making more money than memories."
I never thought of it that way and it's something I need to tattoo on my body I think in order for it to sink it.

so thank you :)

KT Mac said...

:) I was surprised by how nervous I was to publish this post. It takes a lot to stand by convictions, but these are a few of my absolutes. I'm glad they helped someone else think a bit too.