04 October 2010

Get Your OM On

Today's the day!

About a month ago, I challenged Joe. 

To 30 consecutive days of practicing Bikram Yoga.

I found an amazing deal online.  $39 a person for two months of unlimited yoga.

Even better?  It's right down the street from our cozy little home.  With lots of class offerings. 

Joe sort of read my email asking him to join me and said "count me in."

A few days later, I challenged him to do 30 consecutive days.  And after he accepted the challenge, I started talking about the rave reviews doing yoga in a 105 degree room gets.  Then Joe finally admitted he really didn't read ALL of the email I sent him. 


We have new yoga mats. 

Well, a new yoga mat for Joe.  A new-ish (read: really only used with the wii fit) mat for me. 

Turns out, Joe's orange yoga mat is Svadhisthana Orange - Sacral for sexuality, fertility, and joy.  And my lime green mat is Anahata Green - Heart for love, compassion, and empathy.  Interesting.

Stay tuned for the OM challenge results!

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