01 October 2010

Chicago Love

I went for a walk last night.  Just a stroll, really, where along the way I may have stopped and treated myself to an apple pastry.  

And on my way home, I realized just how much I love this city already.  

Everything I need or want or desire is within a mile walk of my apartment.  There is an energy that vibrates in the air.  There are four seasons.  And everyone, I do mean everyone, is polite and friendly and happy.  We all smile and nod as we pass each other on the street.  

And of course, I'm seeing all this through the eyes of someone in love.  But I also know that love helps me see this more clearly: I am home.  I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in time.  I belong.  

I love this city. 


Mb said...

I love reading this. It's a wonderful feeling to see your home this way. Warms my heart :)

KT Mac said...

:) I did spot your doppleganger on the street last night too. Was all excited, until I realized "wrong city." But then I had an apple pastry and all was well again. Can't wait to show you my new home!