25 October 2010

Bibliophile Love

One of the upsides/downsides to moving to a new city and having your love interest be solely occupied with academics means you're left alone.  A lot.  

And my attempts to make new friends and reconnect with old friends thus far have been met with fairly limited success.  

As any true bibliophile would do, I've seized this opportunity to start devouring books.  Anything is fair game.  And I've read some interesting books lately.  Maybe not high literary works of art, but books that will stick with you for a while after reading.  I like those kinds of books.  

So, inspired by the always fabulous Mb, I'm going to start posting short book reviews.  A sort of bloggy book club, if you will.  I encourage you to check out my reads and suggest new ones to me.  

Winters are long and cold here in Chicago, and I've got a hot library card and a cozy blanket or two to curl up with.  


Mb said...

can't wait to see what you read & review!

Jamie said...

After reading your comment about making friends on my post, I'm coming over here to say that I think we should start an actual book club here in Chicago. I have another friend or two I can probably convince to join and we can do coffee shops or wine bars and chat. Email me if you think it's a good idea!

KT Mac said...

I'm game! I'll drop you an email shortly!