24 September 2010

Things to Consider

- The earth really doesn't care what you do for it or to it.  It is a survivor.

- On her 82nd birthday, in the twilight of her life, as her precious few memories are being stolen by dementia, the greatest birthday presents I gave my Grandma are the ones that cannot ever be wrapped in a box:  unconditional love, a few moments of sunshine and smiles, laughter, and unwavering support to my Mom as she nurses Grandma through these years. 

-  I don't think about being hearing impaired all that often.  But every once in a while, I hear something that makes me proud to be part of such a unique and inspiring group of individuals.

-  My Mom  was telling me about a conversation she had with my aunt earlier this week.  My aunt admitted to having no self esteem, and my mom told her that we all lose our self esteem at some time or another.  The trick, however, is to do one small thing a day for yourself until you start to feel better about yourself.  My Mom wears earrings every single day.  I put perfume on in the morning for everyone else and before bed for myself.  What little thing do you do for yourself every day?

-  I have been incredibly emotional lately.  As exhausting as it is at times to really feel every emotion, I have to admit, there's beauty in feeling each and every emotion.  Even if I don't always know exactly why I feel that way at that moment.

-  Why is Fall my favorite season?  I don't really know.  The coziness, the crispness, the colors, the heartier foods, the smells, the sense of settling in and renewing oneself.  Or perhaps because I'm tired of tank tops and flip-flops and am ready to wear cozy layers and cute boots.

-  It really is the little things that turn a house into a home.  Cozy smells.  Good food cooking.  Kisses.  Candlelight.  Favorite pictures.  Treasured trinkets.  Cozy covers.  Cuddles.  Small messes. 

-  I love when life, like these photographs, makes you stop and think for a minute.

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