14 September 2010

Out of my Comfort Zone

I had dinner with an old friend last night.  We worked together once upon a time.  And I called her every time I visited Chicago. 

We talked over crepes and coffee.  (And anyone who visits me will now have at least one meal at this restaurant.)

We did the usual catching up routine - jobs, boys, family, old friends we had in common.  And talked about being adults.  The whole marriage and babies thing everyone on Facebook is wrapped up in these days.  About growing up and being older, but still being a 20-something. 

Somehow, it came up that now that we're in our mid to late 20's, we're losing the ability to use the excuse, "I'm young and stupid." 

And it made me a bit sad.

I've never really used that excuse.  I was always an old soul.  Even when I did stupid shit, it really wasn't stupid enough to pull out the excuse of being young and stupid.  But I really have no desire to go out and do anything that stupid now either.  Mostly, I'm just a bit sad that I won't always have that excuse tucked in my pocket. 

But you know what?

I realized that not always being "young and stupid" is no excuse for not pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  And truthfully, that is what I've been doing these last few months:

I moved from D.C. to ChicagoI moved in with my Joe.  I started working at home full-time.  I've signed myself up for a dance class.  I've signed Joe and I up for two months of Birkam Yoga.  I've tried (and liked!) escargot, twice.  I've really discovered the joys of thrift shopping.  I'm teaching myself how to sew.  I'm trying out new recipes in the kitchen. 

So, just because I'm getting older (and presumably wiser), doesn't mean I can't try crazy things or learn something new or push myself out of my comfort zone.  And I'm proud of myself for pushing myself out of the comfort zone....in so many different ways.

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