02 September 2010

Hometown Tourists

 I grew up with visits to Chicago.  I've done the tourist thing time and time again.  Shopped the Magnificent Mile until I thought my shoes would fall off.  Giggled at the antics of waiters at Ed Debveic's. Rode the ferris wheel on Navy Pier.  I've seen the exhibits at the Art Institute, the Field Museum, and Shedd Aquarium.

But you know what?

Being a tourist is so much better when you live here.

We wandered from the Loop all the way home one night.  And saw the sights.  Told stories and random facts.  Posed for some touristy shots. Found some amazing, and well-deserved, deep dish pizza.  Kissed on street corners.  Got turned around a time or two.  "Are you sure the lake is supposed to be east?"  (Namely because as a Michigan girl, the lake was always west.)  And when we were done playing tourist, we were home.

I still can't believe we live here.

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