27 August 2010

North of the Tension Line

So, the first week in August, we moved.  The second week in August, we vacationed.  Smartest way to move half-way across the damn country.

There's not much to recap about our trip to Washington Island.  It is an island, at the very northern tip of Wisconsin, in Lake Michigan.  It is probably the last place on earth not to have any cell phone reception.  But we ate (way too much), and played putt-putt, and went for lazy country drives, and heard great stories from Joe's family, and tried building the impossible puzzle, and played games, and dealt with wayward bats, and just generally enjoyed the slow pace of life.

And really, that is exactly how a vacation should be.  

Kitchen Adventures

So one of the nice things about having Joe home is having someone to cook for. 

And I've taken advantage of that. 

We've cooked some classic recipes I've perfected over the years.  (Hello, pasta!)

But in the last week or so, I've become a little more adventurous. 

I've impressed Joe with my Aunt Sharon's steaks, watched Joe figure out how to cook salmon (which he caught on our vacation!), baked a cake from scratch, satisfied my bruschetta cravings, and learned how to make a pretty damn good frittata. 

And honestly?  It's all been pretty damn good, if I may say so myself.  

All from a girl who went to college knowing how to make Velveeta mac and cheese, pizza, and order takeout.

25 August 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Never too Old

24 August 2010

Mental Vacations: More Places I'll See Someday

KtMac Confessions: Pinch Me

There's so much I want to say.  Too much to share.  All these little moments I want to remember.  And I feel a bit overwhelemed at trying to figure out where to start.  So much so, that I am no longer going to try.  There'll be no recaps.  Just life here and now, as I feel it.

Which brings me to today's confession.

Even though Joe has been home for just two days short of a month now.  Even though we've been settled into this new Chicago life for three weeks now.  Even though we're sort of settled into a routine.  Even though I have my desk set up in the corner of my office, a bunny who likes to keep me company by visiting outside my window, and a tendency to drink too much water in an attempt to ignore the fact that the kitchen is way too close to my desk.  Even though it's great having kisses anytime I want and someone to bake a cinnamon chocolate walnut mud cake for. 

Truthfully, it still doesn't feel quite like it's my life.  It doesn't feel real somehow.

Like I'm watching a poigant, bittersweet moment in a movie.  One where the heroine is on the cusp of something life-changingly great but doesn't realize it. 

Because, truthfully, as Joe once told me in the days before he left for the Peace Corps, "the mind just can't process the big changes as you experience them.  You just get through and then think about it later."

And it's not until we get to later that we begin to understand the changes, that it begins to feel real.

Am I really that lucky?  That I get to wake up to a kiss from Joe every morning?  That I get to walk to Lake Michigan from my apartment?  That I get to work from home everyday?

Yes, yes, yes, I am.  Now, would someone just please pinch me so I can realize that this really is my life and not some incredibly surreal dream?

20 August 2010

Scenes from a Date Night

Joe hasn't started classes yet.  So these days, after I get done working, there's a lot of time together.  But that won't be the case once Joe starts school, so we're making a weekly date night a priority.

Last night, we went out for burgers and fries around the corner at a familiar place.  Then some thrift shopping where we scored a fantastic Brooks Brothers shirt for Joe for a whole $5, a long walk and fro-yo before coming home to watch one great movie

I love this Chicago life.  

19 August 2010

Always with Me

Mb, you are always with me....

...see what's just down the street from my apartment?

18 August 2010

It's Official!

I am an official Chicago resident!

16 August 2010

I'm Baa-aaa-aaack!

And I have so many things to tell you. 

My words are just tripping over themselves on the way from my mind to the keyboard.  So many things to share.

Like, all about how smoothly the half-continental move went.

Or how our sweet little apartment is too precious for words.

Or that we live in the very best neighborhood ever.

Or that our street just devestates me with its quiet tree-lined elegence.

Or that if I turn the right corner, I can see the Hanock Building.

And that the Chicago skyline just takes my breath away everytime I get a glimpse.

And that our neighborhood could be quite dangerous to our waistlines.

There's at least a half dozen fro-yo places within a half-mile walk.

And a cupcake bakery with swings at the bar, across the street from the turkish and austrian bakeries.

But the lakeshore is within a mile.  With a long bikepath I can't wait to get my roll on.

That even in August, on a 90+ degree day, Lake Michigan is cold.  Breathtakingly, toe-numbingly cold. 

But as I dug my toes in the sand, I knew I was home.

And all about adventures on an island in northern Lake Michigan.

Which just might be the very last place on earth without cell phone reception.

By adventures, I really mean the lack of them. 

There wasn't much to do on the island.  At all.

Other than sit and talk with family.  And laugh at adorable stories about Joe and his bro. 

And deal with the impossible puzzle. 

Or how we just spent our weekend.  Toes in the sand.  Eyes to the skies.

But I'll wait a bit longer.  The words will sort themselves out.

I'm back.  And it feels good.