01 July 2010

Thursday Thoughts: Party Thoughts

 *  My bros know me so well.  They bought me the perfect birthday presents.  And then proceeded to give me shit for the rest of the weekend.  As if I expected anything different.

*  Grad parties are exhausting.  Doing all your own food for the grad party?  Even more exhausting.

*  Spent two days prepping for the party, one day cleaning up, and two days recovering.  But my bro deserved the acolades and celebration. 

*  I always hated it when old babysitters ran into me and said, "Oh my!  I can't believe how much you've grown!  I used to change your diapers."  But now?  Apparently I'm the babysitter who says that.  And it's so true.

*  Also, I was thrilled with some of the unsolicited bear hugs I got from my bros' friends.  Even if it took me a minute or two afterwards to figure out who the hell they were.  Why do they grow so damn tall?

*  At my middle bro's grad party, the award for most awkward moment goes to when a guy my parents went to high school with and whose kids I babysat kissed me goodbye, on the lips.  Traumatic memory.

*  At this grad party, the award for most awkward moment goes to my Aunt for asking me, as I cuddled and cooed over my cousin's new baby boy, if I was now bursting with lust to have a baby of my own.  How do you gracefully say, "oh hell no, I'm not interested, I have things to accomplish first, I'm okay with cuddling and cooing over sleepy babies but want to give them back when they make noise or smell, I want to be married, and just because we're the same age doesn't mean either of us should be having babies"?  And how do you say that without offense?

*  My bro was seriously the cutest chubbybubby baby.  Pictures posted at the party only reinforced that.  Now, he just looks devestatingly dashing in a white tuxedo.  And worse, he knows it.

*  All the party prep translated into very, very low-key birthdays for my Dad and I.  Truthfully, I was okay with that -- all I really wanted anyway was to be with my family. 

*  But tonight, belated celebratory swirly margaritas with my favorite ladies!  So excited!

*  Most importantly, 3 WEEKS!!!!

*  Oh holy shit.  I have so much to do and so many people to see in the next three weeks.  How'm I ever going to get it all done while staying chill and stress-free?

*  Kisses in 3 WEEKS!!!!!  Eh, everything else no longer matters. 

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