18 July 2010

Things I Wonder About

*  Why is packing tape so complicated?  Seriously, why?

*  Is it possible to have a break in the heat and humidity long enough for us to move out without needing a shower every five minutes?

*  Am I the only one who really believes that if something has a great review, I won't like it?  And if it has a bad review, I usually enjoy it?

*  How did I accumulate so many different cookbooks?  And why do I rarely use them?

*  What's so great about onions?

*  Why do Italian men just have "it" when it comes to fashion?

*  Why are we having a record-breaking hot summer?  Especially after breaking records for snowiest winter and hottest spring?  

*  How did I get such fantastic friends?

*  What memory will first pop to mind about my time in D.C. when I'm older?

*  How is it that the last few years have seemed so long and have flown right by?  All at once?

*  Will that good ole' Catholic guilt ever go away?

*  What will be my biggest, unexpected adjustment to the whole moving in with Joe, moving to Chicago, and telecommuting thing?

*  What do y'all think of the new blog design and layout?  New city, new life, new blog look. 


Mb said...

Normally I read your posts in Google Reader, but I stopped on over to see the layout. Cute stuff.

KT Mac said...

Thanks Mb! I figured most folks read it via Reader these days, but I still like my life to be pretty!