20 July 2010

KtMac Confessions: I Believe

Religion and politics should never be discussed in good company.  

In fact, neither will ever be discussed by me with the intent of swaying someone else.  Nor do y'all really need to know where I stand with organized religion and party politics. 

That said, today's confession:  I believe. 

I believe in a greater being and guardian angels. 

I believe that we are not alone.  That while life sucks sometimes, it balances itself out and really is amazing sometimes.  And I believe, through the ups and downs, we have guardian angels watching out over us.  I know mine is a man named Papa Lou.  I was "his girl" when he was still alive, and I know even after he died, Papa keeps watching out for his girl. 

Once in a while, those guardian angels send us little messages.  A few weeks ago, when Mama Mac came to visit, we were talking about Papa and how proud he would be and how much he would have loved my Joe.  And as we walked and talked, the biggest, yellowest, most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen came and stayed by our side. 

Then it was several dragonflies appearing out of nowhere.  There was also an old man who looked like the spitting image of Papa for a few minutes.  And you know what?  I really do believe Papa was letting us know he agreed with all we had to say.  

I also believe he's still watching over me.  I've seen a few more random dragonflies since then.  

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