23 July 2010

* Drinking * Dancing * Debauchery * Departure *

You're invited!

Come wish us luck and send me off in style...

"KtMac is leaving DC for her native Midwest this month and she wants you to come join her in one last bash to make sure DC doesn't soon forget her and her antics.  Come join Washington's favorite sweetheart (and the guy that's stealing her away) Saturday, July 24th at the Big Hunt near Dupont Circle.  

Cover is a hug and your favorite Katie story (bonus points for embarrassing and titillating tidbits).  (FYI....the cover part is only being added to this invite under duress....)  The fun starts at 9, so don't miss out!"

In other words, be there or be square.


Plan-G said...

Fantastic night, young lady! That is, unless you ever asked for a glass of water - I went 0 for 3! Best wishes to y'all wherever you find yourselves!

KT Mac said...

Thank you! And thank you for coming out -- it was great to see you again!