29 June 2010

KtMac Confessions: Little Miss Domestic Diva?

Among the many, many things I never thought I'd be someday was a domestic diva. 

But slowly and surely, apparently, I am becoming a badass domestic diva. 

I cook.  

I adore my apron. 

And now I sew?

For my birthday on Sunday, my present from my parents was a sewing machine.  Complete with a carrying case and a cute little card table to sew on.  

On Monday, after all the madness of the weekend (recap later), Mom took me up to JoAnn's so I could learn how to use my machine.  

And I kid you not folks, I'm  now geeking out over learning how to sew.  

Funny how much a girl can change. 


Mb said...

Teach me!!! I need to learn!

KT Mac said...

Of course! It's going to be great!