30 June 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Beauty

29 June 2010

KtMac Confessions: Little Miss Domestic Diva?

Among the many, many things I never thought I'd be someday was a domestic diva. 

But slowly and surely, apparently, I am becoming a badass domestic diva. 

I cook.  

I adore my apron. 

And now I sew?

For my birthday on Sunday, my present from my parents was a sewing machine.  Complete with a carrying case and a cute little card table to sew on.  

On Monday, after all the madness of the weekend (recap later), Mom took me up to JoAnn's so I could learn how to use my machine.  

And I kid you not folks, I'm  now geeking out over learning how to sew.  

Funny how much a girl can change. 

24 June 2010

In My Pocket

On a family trip to Maine one year, we stopped in to see the world's largest globe.  In the gift shop, I discovered tiny globe marbles and became transfixed by the idea of holding the world in my pocket.  So I asked my Dad if he'd buy one of those marbles for me.  He just couldn't say no.  So I have the world in my pocket.

To this day, it is still one of my most treasured possessions.  I no longer carry it in my pocket every day, but it does get carried around in my purse from time to time when I need the reminder.  And every time I see it, I smile, because it really is true -- I do have the whole world in my hands.

Fast forward all these years later, and that statement is truer than I realized.  I really do have the whole world in my hands.  I had dinner last night with a dear friend who is moving to Mozambique in three weeks (!) for the next three years.  As we devoured mussels and frites, we chattered about travel and places we still want to see.  And at the end of the night, she told me, "You always have an open door and a bed to sleep in wherever I am."

And I smiled.  Oh, I smiled.

Because you see, I have so many friends -- all over the world now.  Mozambique, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, Germany, Australia -- the list goes on.  And all of them have promised I have a home wherever they are.  It's awesome to realize I have such great friends.  And even more awesome to realize that I really do have the whole world in my pocket.

Now, how long will it take before My Love is recovered from his expat years so that I can convince him it is time to start seeing these friends?

23 June 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Your Life

Somewhere over the Italian Alps.

22 June 2010

Creative Compliments: Surprises

It's been a while since I put up a good creative compliment, but this one keeps me laughing and still brings a smile to my face....

"OMG I love it when you swear. Looking at you you'd think the word motherfucking wasn't even in your vocabulary~!"

(In response to my complaining about pouring hydrogen peroxide over my ouchie.)

21 June 2010


We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming to bring you this public safety announcement...

Knives and garbage disposals and thumbs do not mix.

...at all.


And in case you were wondering...it didn't hurt until it stopped bleeding enough to rinse with hydrogen peroxide.   Then it hurt like holy fucking shit.  Holy. FUCKING. Shit.  No joke. 

But no stiches either.

And it's taken me freaking forever to type this with the massive splint on my thumb.
Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

17 June 2010

Sea Turtle Finds Lost Camera

Yes, it's a bit long, but an absolutely incredible video to watch...

It's also incredibly soothing to watch that water and sky as he swims along.

13 June 2010

How I Live My Life These Days

On a bus somewhere in Dalmatia.

FIFA - Durres Style

My Love sent me some pictures of how he's watching the World Cup in Durres....

On the boardwalk, by the Adriatic Sea,

Underneath a statue honoring those who fought the Italians, 
there's a giant screen,

stadium seating,

flags for competing countries and the glow from the lights of the 
bumper cars (but you never actually bump the cars in Albania)

and concerts following the nightly game.

Some days, it's hard to remember that My Love is in the Peace Corps....

10 June 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Oh peeps....

There's so much I want to say.  So many things swirling around in my pretty little head.  Thoughts bumping into feelings bumping into wishes bumping into realities bumping into hopes bumping into worries bumping into love bumping into stress bumping into calm.  It's chaotic inside that pretty little head of mine.  Which means it's not so pretty.  

One day I'm up.  The next I'm down.  One hour I'm on top of the world.  And an hour later, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  

I swear, it's a good thing My Love is so very far away right now.  Otherwise, I'd be driving him absolutely freaking nuts. Nuts, I tell you.  

The times, they are a'changin'.  But the time is not quite right just yet to spill all.

So cross your fingers.  Wish on a star.  Pick up that lucky penny.  Say a little prayer.  

I just have to have faith.

It's all going to work out. 




09 June 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: Average American Family Finances

07 June 2010

Life is Beautiful...

Isn't life beautiful?

I know, I know.  It's first thing Monday morning, and the last thing any of us really wants is to be in the office. But I'm still saying it's a beautiful life. 

I've had to ask a lot of help from others lately.  And that's hard.  I was raised to always ask my family if I need help, and I'm good at that.  But asking non-family members for help?  It's hard and awkward and I'm always worried about putting others out. 

But you know what?  

People are wonderful.  And I'm amazed at how helpful my friends and acquaintances have been.  From minor, annoying things (ahem, I'm talking about you, malfunctioning Friday night zipper...)  to major, life-changing favors, folks have really stepped up.  

I'm in awe, really, at how willing people have been to help me in this time of flux.  And I'm at a loss for how to best thank them all.  But you best be believing, it'll be an awesome thank you.  

So, yeah, life is beautiful.  

And so are homemade chocolate-covered strawberries on a summer Sunday evening....

02 June 2010

Wednesday Wisdom: 100 People

Toby Ng Design created a series of thought-provoking posters based on the premise of, "If the world were a village of 100 people..."

(I know the print is a little hard to read -- even on the original website -- so take the time to click on each image and blow it up) 

01 June 2010

KtMac Confessions: Self-Advocacy

When I was first diagnosed as hearing impaired at 16 months, my first doctor told my mom I would never have a normal life. 

My Mama -- wise, wonderful woman she is -- found another doctor and did her damnedest to make sure I had a normal childhood.  

And I did.  

And woe to the damn fools who ever dare to tell me any different

But because of my hearing, the state government mandated annual meetings of teachers, consultants, and my parents to ensure I got the education I deserved and the skills needed to survive.  And at every single one of those meetings, the ultimate goal was always "self-advocacy."

I hate that phrase.  "Self-advocacy." 

Such a stupid phrase. 

Especially when my teacher and my consultant and my parents knew I had self-advocacy down pat at the ripe old age of five.  And have never stopped repeating this story...


One day in kindergarten, my teacher began introducing a story at storytime.  I had to go to the bathroom, so I told her to wait for me, and went into the little bathroom adjacent to the classroom.  

All my teachers had to wear microphones so I could hear them on personal amplified hearing aids.  It was a great way to learn secrets about my teachers and classmates as I got older because my teachers usually forgot that they were wearing a microphone.  

I bet my teacher forgot she was wearing a microphone that day in kindergarten, and continued introducing the story even after I went into the bathroom.  

When I realized that, I yanked open that bathroom door and at the top of my five-year-old lungs yelled, "I thought I told you to wait for me!" to my poor, stunned teacher.  


How much more self-advocacy can you teach to this girl?

Ever since that day, every.single.time. someone tries to tell me "you can't," my response has always been:

But I still hate that phrase.