07 January 2010

New Year, New Randoms

*  I spend my free time at work thinking of all the things I want to do when I get home.  Clean, run errands, talk with My Love, call so-and-so, start projects I've dreamed up, etc.  Instead, this week, I've come home, plopped on the couch, started Skype sessions with My Love, and then proceed to watch six hours of NCIS

*  I felt guilty about that on Tuesday night.  Then I realized, this week is the first week in six weeks that I haven't been traveling.  It is O-K-A-Y, I have to remind my Catholic sense of guilt, to relax for a change and enjoy stillness after non-stop motion.

Tony DiNozzo makes me laugh.  A lot.

I am not, not, not a fan of Papa Johns pizza.  But their cheesy breadsticks?  Oh man, oh man, oh man.  Especially with that awful (but oh-so-good!) garlic sauce.  Yum.

*  I don't buy this global warming crap.  When I moved to DC, I loved winters here.  I was comfortable wearing just a lined trench coat most days, and never turned on the heat in my apartments.  Last year was bitter.  This year, already shaping up to be worse.  No way I've gone that soft in such a short time.  I am solidly placing the blame on Old Man Winter.

*  Persistence pays off.

*  I noted the other day that I never run into anyone I know in DC.  The very next day, I ran into a ghost from my past while walking down the hall at work.  Go figure.

*  Fleece sheets?  Pure awesome.

*  The downside to fleece sheets?  It's impossible to leave my bed in the early, cold, dark, winter mornings. 

*  Do I have type A+ blood because I have such a type A personality?  Or do I have a type A personality because I have type A+ blood?  The chicken and the egg, peeps, the chicken and the egg!

*  I have lots of ideas for the blog that will be forthcoming over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

*  Why is that whenever you come home from traveling, things in your apartment are broken?  If I'm not there to break the toilet, how did it get broken!?

*  One thing I need to remind myself more often is to take time to find the beauty in my everyday life too.  Not just when I'm on vacation. 

And to wear my hair in pigtails more often.  I'm sassier in pigtails.


Shareece said...

Katie's randomness has returned! YAY! :o)

KT Mac said...

:) Missed you too!