17 December 2009

Nothing but Love Matters

Whoops. Is it just me or did the last three weeks just fly right on by?  I really did think I would toss up a few blog posts once I got to Albania.  But truthfully, I was totally okay with ignoring the rest of the world.  I opted to live in the world of KtMac and My Love and pretend nothing else existed.  It was perfect.  Okay, okay....maybe not perfect*.  But pretty damn close.

Since 24 hours of non-stop travel topped off by a full day of work can leave a girl a bit tired, it's going to take me a few days to organize and write all the posts I so want to write. (*Including mention of why perfect may not be the best word to use...)

In the meantime, I leave you with this silly, but somehow, oh-so-classic-KtMac picture from our mini-trip to Gjirokaster in southern Albania.

 Born about 50 years too late.  I bet I could've been one famous WWII pin-up girl...


Mb said...

So cute. Glad you are back!

KT Mac said...

Missed ya! Hot date soon?