20 December 2009

Inside the Snowglobe

On Saturday, DC got walloped with an amazing snowstorm.  I heard my part of town got 22 inches of snow in about 24 hours.  By mid-afternoon, I was a bit stir-crazy.  So, naturally, I bundled up and went for a walk.

Snowy KtMac.

The snow was almost knee-deep.  Reminded me of the days I trekked to class as an undergrad.  In DC, this kind of snowfall shuts down the entire city.  In western Michigan,with all the lake-effect snow,  this kind of snowfall doesn't even cancel classes.

It was so beautiful, and quiet, outside.

So pretty.

Some serious record-breaking snowfall for DC.

I like the occasional snowstorm.  Especially when I have nowhere to go.  Then of course, I trudged home for hot tea, a movie, and down blankets on the couch.

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