22 December 2009

Hands-On Military History

I have just one picture regret from my first trip to Albania.  And it's a doozy.

Just a block down from My Love's apartment, there is a little library sponsored by the British embassy.  Similar in concept to American Corners.  Inside the British library are tons of British books, including an expansive children's section.  And right next to the children's section there is a low platform that is covered with a jumble of machine guns from WWII.  And, even more importantly, you can pick up these machine guns and play with them!  Unlike Western displays, this was a hands-on military history display, and My Love totally geeked out.  (Rightfully so.)

So, this time around, whenever we got to play with military history, My Love and I took A LOT of pictures:

Because, really, how often do you get to actually play with real military history?

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