16 November 2009

Tip O' the Day

Let's paint the scene...

It's 8:15 on Monday evening.  It's warm, especially for mid-November.  It's dark, the sun has set hours ago.  And on a quiet residential street, I'm jaywalking on my way home from running errands.

As I wait for a car to pass me, another car starts a U-turn.  So I jog to get out of its way, and as I head down the sidewalk, the car passes me and backs up. 

Now, as any street-wise city girl knows, this is where your internal radar should start chiming.  As the window rolled down, I opted to give the benefit of the doubt, and thought perhaps the driver was lost.  It happens far too often in my confusing neighborhood. 

So I stood solidly on the sidewalk.  Far away from the car.

"Excuse me.  You are very beautiful."  In another situation, the accent would've been seductive.

Polite, but tight smile.

"I just have a question."


"Do you have boyfriend?"


And with that, he drove away.  After a beat or two, I continued my walk home. 

Guys, here's your tip of the day: This little pick-up scene?  Not cool.  Not cool at all.


Ever Loved said...

Nice Tip. Thanks.
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KT Mac said...

Ever Loved...it's a totally creepy way to pick up girls. There's a time and a place for everything. ;)