06 November 2009

Sisterly Bragging

Humor a proud sister for a minute.

I have to brag about my brothers.

For such a big age gap and so many miles between the three of us, we're awfully tight.  As much as I might trash-talk my brothers, I love them, and wouldn't trade them in for the world (but they don't always need to know that!).

DMac, the middle one, has a wicked sense of humor and is ridiculously charming.  I am in awe of his smoothness when he turns it on.  He's also a sophomore at my beloved alma mater, and absolutely LOVES it there.  Among many other things, he's the captain of the lacrosse team.  Pretty awesome for a lowly sophomore.

Pretty badass, no?

PMac, the baby, is laid-back and easy-going.  He's loyal and protective, and the best big little brother a girl could ever hope for.  He's a senior in high school.  It's been a tough year for him.  I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that he gets accepted into his top-choice school, which, coincidentally, happens to also be my alma mater.  Among other things as a busy high school senior, PMac is also a lacrosse player.

Also damn badass.

Where am I going with all this?  There's a damn awesome point, I promise!

A few weeks ago, I was confused when DMac announced on Facebook that he was going to the World Cup.  I know he's a sophomore in college and all, but no way in hell are my parents about to let him go off to South Africa.  So I did the sisterly thing and ignored it.

A week or so later, PMac announces on Facebook he's going to the World Cup with DMac.  Now I know something's up, so I text PMac:

My bros are both playing lacrosse for the American team in the FIL World Lacrosse Championships this summer in England!! They will be competing against 30 teams from across the world.  HOW FREAKING COOL!!!  They're going to be international lax players! Guess all the years I was target practice for them sure paid off....

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