04 November 2009

Simple Pleasures of the Season

Now that we are in November, I can officially start looking forward to the holiday season.  Call me a sucker, a romantic, whatever, but I love the magic of the holiday season.

This year, I am stressed.  There's a lot going on in my life this month.  I'm excited about all of it, but until things are done, I know I'll be stressing hard.  Also, no money means no Christmas presents this year.  I have awesome presents planned for my brothers.....which my parents have agreed to consider as presents for themselves as well (more on that in the future).  Everyone else, you get my love, affection, and if you're local, my time.  Also, since there's nothing I need (only wants if we're completely honest), there's no need to shop for "gifts" for myself.

So, my gift to myself in this upcoming holiday season is to just take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of the season.

I'm pledging to myself that this holiday season I will:
* Take time to relax and ignore all those "should, would, coulds"
* Drag my chair over to the corner of my window and read under cozy blankets
* Take bubble baths and not feel guilty or pressed for time
* Bake cookies
* Make more of the cinnamon ornaments that make Christmas "Christmas" to me

* Go ice skating
* Take time to call those I love and let them know I love them
* Enjoy writing Christmas cards to those I love
* Spend time with friends
* Watch those feel-good Christmas movies I love

* Sing along to Christmas carols, no matter how cheesy
* Brave the crowds and go see the National Christmas tree

* Keep working out every day, outside as much as possible
* Drink hot chocolate, preferably with whipped cream on top
* Indulge in a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks
* Get enough sleep for a change
* Decorate my apartment for Christmas
* Make sure my apartment smells like Christmas
* Drink all my tea with honey

Unfortunately, since I do live down South, it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to add things like "play in the snow" or "take a carriage ride."  But I can do those things in my mind.  And probably enjoy them more since I won't get all wet and cold. Any other suggestions I should add to my list?

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