03 November 2009


Before I go any further, let me just insert this disclaimer: I am not the biggest fan of Halloween.  *Gasp!*  I know, I know, everyone I know loves Halloween.  But now that we're not kids anymore, I feel silly dressing up and spending ridiculous amounts of time scheming how to get a bunch of candy and tasty drinks. 

That said, I did just spend an entire week devoted to celebrating Halloween. 

Every year, on the Tuesday before Halloween, DC has a drag queen high heel race.  Every year, I have tried to make it to the race, only to fail at the last minute.  This year, Tiger and I decided that a last-minute shopping trip, followed by a delicious dinner off the happy hour menu (tangent: those are always the best dinners, aren't they?  So yummy, so cheap!), and then, we trekked through the pouring rain to go see DC's drag queens strut their best. 

After Mb alerted us to the volunteer opportunity to seize a free attractive day-glo orange t-shirt and front row views, Tiger and I decided to volunteer.  We were hoping to get a t-shirt and a good view for minimal work.  Instead, we got recruited to keep the finish line clear.  But in exchange for yelling at people to "back it up," (hey, it was pouring....I was terrified that drag queens were going to come skidding to a stop on the wet pavement and I would be the one at the bottom of the stop) we got front-row views such as these:


Just in case you weren't aware: fur is a drag.

Hubcap hats and rubber skirts.  Fab.

Then on Thursday, there was the office Halloween party.  Aside from the usual cake, coke, candy options, I was lucky enough to win some Halloween window clings.  Awesome.

Friday, as I previously explained, was when the infamous Tuff Tiff was coming back to town.  After hours of gossip and dinner, we got dressed up and headed uptown to Mb's party.

Any guesses as to who Tuff Tiff was?

How about now?

Taken about 20 seconds after I tried to fly.

Let's just say, Metro is a royal pain in the ass most of the time anyways.  Navigating Metro with a set of pretty wings strapped on your back?  I definitely did not drink enough.  At all.

Grey's suregon, freakin' adorable Christmas tree, beautiful butterfly.

On Halloween, what better way to start celebrating than with a visit to the famous Exorcist steps

For some strange reason, we chose to walk up....

...instead of down.

And no visit to Georgetown is complete without a stop at Georgetown Cupcake, especially on Halloween. 

Mmmm.  Red Velvet Love.

Naturally, after all that sugar, Tuff Tiff was wise enough to realize I needed to burn it off, so we walked all.over.the.city.  Which is one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon....even if I was bitterly disappointed that the line for Ben's Chili Bowl was wrapped around the corner when we finally got there.  Ben's is delicious, but not THAT delicious.

Halloween night, we were lazy, opting for gossip and M. Night Shaymalan films, including The Sixth Sense

And then last night, I wrapped up Halloweek with watching Coraline.  Which, is pure awesome.  If you haven't seen it yet, watch it today!

Now, onto November and eagerly counting down the days....


Mb said...

A mighty fine way to celebrate Halloween is you ask me. Well done. And Coraline? LOVE LOVE LOVES IT!!!

KT Mac said...

:) I figured you'd love my celebrating! After all, you were much inspiration!