20 November 2009

Friday Afternoon Randoms

*  I was up early this morning.  I opted to walk to work instead of being lazy and taking Metro.  Given what a great mood the morning walk always puts me in, it is vaguely ridiculous that I generally opt for the laziness of a Metro commute. 

*  I have finally made it through the week.  It is all uphill from here.  My weekend to-do list is incredibly manageable.  AND!  I have a lot of built-in, relaxing, me-time.  A much-needed decompress is eagerly anticipated.  One hour and 25 more minutes left until I can relax...

*  Strawberry vodka helps make mind-numbing paperwork less painful.after working hours.

*  It is very out of character for me to ever ask for help.  More often than not, I find myself having to repeat the request several times before someone finally does what they originally promised to do.  But sometimes, people are awesome and surprise you.  I like those surprises.

PMac's high school football team is currently number one in the state, and number 19 in the nation!  So keeping my fingers crossed for the win at the state championships next weekend.

*  I have gotten awfully adventurous and creative in my cooking this year.  So many of my favorites are foreign to the classic meat and potatoes midwestern meals I grew up.  But I still hate my neighbors for always cooking delicious-smelling dinners.  One of these days, I'm going to catch myself knocking on their door to ask for a bite.

*  I also hate the neighbor who has a balcony but chooses to smoke like a damn chimney in their bathroom.  Translation: my bathroom now smells like the bar at 3 am. 

*  My bathroom is designed as a fancy dressing room.  Which means all my clothes are also in that bathroom.  Which means, even though I don't smoke, I don't have friends who smoke, and I stay away from smokey bars and restaurants, my clothes now reek like those of a two-pack-a-day smoker.  Can I stress just how much I hate this neighbor yet?

*  I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving, even if our exact plans remain TBD.

*  One hour until I can go home.  Anyone figure out how to make time fly yet?

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