05 October 2009

Who I Am Today

I am a perfectionist.
I am trying to be okay with "good enough."
I am not there yet.

I am a day-dreamer.
I am a doer.
I am a hard worker.
I am a w-o-r-r-i-e-r
I am too easily stressed.

I am in need of one delicious vice. 
I am not a smoker.
I am not a big drinker.
I am not inclined to swear.  Often.
I am adamently against drugs.
I am going to find one delicious vice.

I am a brunette.
I am happy with the color of my hair.
I am not crazy about the multiplying grey strands.

I am a lover.
I am a believer.
I am a fighter.
I am a daughter.
I am a granddaughter.
I am a sister.
I am a love.
I am a loyal friend.

I am *g*i*g*g*l*e*s.
I am silly.
I am smiles and optimism.
I am obssessive about brushing my teeth.
I am rarely in public without some lipstick.
I am in love with fresh flowers.
I am dating a man who is sweet enough to indulge that love.

I am a klutz.
I am a d--a*n--c*e--r.
I am **b**u**t**t**e**f**l**i**e**s**.

I am fiercely protective of those I love.
I am going to earn my Ph.D.  Someday.
I am going to earn that Ph.D at my dream school.
I am sure of it.
I really, really am.

I am secure.
I am confident.
I am sure.
I am proud.
I am insecure.
I am too hard on myself.

I am an idealist.
I am a realist.
I am tired of injustice,
chipped nail polish.

I am a fan of kisses, whipped cream on hot chocolate, and
shamelessly teasing My Love.
I am generous to a fault.
I am too kind.
I am polite.

I am thrilled with the stamps in my passport.
I am planning on getting more stamps.
I am daydreaming of trips to Durres,
and Bangkok
so far this morning.

I am proud of the woman I am becoming.
I am high heels and pencil skirts.
I am sweat pants and tank tops.
I am geek chic in my glasses.

I am a work in progress.

I am okay with that.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I am okay with that too.

I am happy (Most days).

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