20 October 2009

Travel Tales: Chicago

There is no place greater than an airport.  I mean it.

I love sitting there people-watching.  You see all the extremes of human nature.  The love in reunions.  The excitement of departures on grand adventures.  The frustration of the missed connection or the never-ending delay.  The irritation with the sugar-fueled hyperactive kids. 

I sit there waiting impaitently and try to guess where someone is going and why.  A Grandma on her way to spoil the grandkids in Carolina.  A businessman on his way to a riviting insurance conference in Nebraska.  Lovers off to a romantic liasion in Prague.  A spy on his way to DC after a hair-raising adventure in Thailand.  The possibilities are endless. 

And I just returned from my own little adventure in Chicago.  I had a wonderful visit with My Love's parents.  My Love was not there.  I missed him, but I loved having the chance to finally see his adorable baby pictures and hear all the stories he would normally have kept me from hearing.  My Love was simply one of the cutest baby boys ever

I also loved getting a chance to know My Love's parents better.  I discovered that his mom is a great shopping partner, and his dad reminds me of my own when it comes to his fascination with knowing the history of the town he lives in.  I heard stories of their own childhoods and got to see where My Love grew up.  I ate too much, laughed often, and loved the perfect fall weekend Chicago weather gave us. 

And, the exciting thing is, the next time I'm sitting in an airport, I'll be on my way to see My Love again.  Seriously cannot wait! 

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