15 October 2009

Movie Dates

I was lucky enough to have a couple of movie dates this week.

On Tuesday, my friend Tiger (she'll fully understand this nickname....or should anyways!), shared her free movie pass with me so that we could go see a sneak preview of New York, I Love You.  Don't hate - someday I'll share the secret to being cool like me.  ;-)

Since I didn't bother reading about the movie beforehand, I had no clue what I was getting into.  It's a pretty cool premise - some scenes seemed a little wonky for me, but that may be because I didn't have subtitles to help me "hear."  I'm definitely adding it to my Netflix queue to watch again with subtitles.  For the rest of you, it comes out to theaters tomorrow - go check it out!  I'm not giving away any more movie details other than to say My Love is totally the Abe to my Mitzi.....or, at least, he will be someday!

every moment, another story begins


Every weekend, My Love and I try to have a movie date.  Now, some of you may be thinking, "But they're 6,000 miles apart!  How can they have a movie date?!"


We both get a copy of the same movie, start it at the same time, and then Skype our way through the movie. 

It's vaugely cheesy, but it works.  And it gives us something to do together, even if we're not physically together. 

Anyways, last weekend's movie date got bumped to last night due to weekend commitments and flakey developing world internet.  Based on a recommendation, this week's movie was Dan in Real Life.  It was a good movie.  But just a little too sad for us to watch last night.  We were in the mood for something silly and funny. 

It's confusing. It's awkward. It's family.

So, peeps, I turn to you....any silly, funny, romantic, happy movie suggestions for My Love and I to add to our movie watching list?


Mb said...

Death at a Funeral. Shoe and I got it on Netflix. Suprisingly hilarious.

KT Mac said...

Thanks Mb! I actually already one that one. :)

Anonymous said...

"Tiger" here...I get the nickname! Has it been four years almost since that Halloween???

I'm just glad you didn't decide to name me "Mullet" instead!

KT Mac said...

Hehehe! I considered it, but figured "tiger" was much more appropriate. ;)

Time flies, doesn't it? Here's hoping we find more randoms on Halloween this year!

Anonymous said...


(haha, me again!)

KT Mac said...

Love it!

And you.