27 October 2009

KtMac Confessions: Squirrely Fears

Shhh....I have a secret to confess....

This time last year, I was utterly terrified of squirrels. (Which, on a side note, is an absolutely strange-looking word.)

I have absolutely no clue where this irrational fear came from.  But, I was utterly convinced that my neighborhood squirrels were going to bite me on the ankles, I'd get rabies, and die. 

So convinced, that any time I went for a walk in my neighborhood, be it a leisurely stroll, a mad dash, or a run for various errands, I either had on thick socks under heavy jeans or knee-high boots as "defense" against ankle-biting rabid squirrels.

Rational?  Absolutely not.

Short-lived fear.  Absolutely.

This year, I have no such fear.  Random. 


Shareece said...

Very random! LOL!

KT Mac said...

I know! Even I surprise myself sometimes with my randomness.