22 October 2009

Happy for the Little Things

Things that make me happy today:
- that My Love is amazing, and people who aren't quite so biased in his favor are recognizing him for it
- that a stop at the Water Tower Place last weekend yielded a fabulous price on a pair of designer jeans in a size much smaller than the last pair of jeans I bought

- that less than a week later, I'm wondering if I should've at least tried on those jeans in a size smaller
- that I'm wearing and loving classic red nail polish

- that even though I forgot both my wallet and my lunch at home today, I still managed to scrounge up a healthy AND filling lunch for less than the $3.52 I had in my pocket
- that some people are genuinely happy to see me every time
- that my writing skills were effusively praised by an unbiased authority figure
- that I can now count on my fingers how many months are left before My Love comes home for good

- that I find myself restless on the days that I haven't worked out or haven't worked out hard enough
- that I feel confident in the direction of my future
- that it is ALMOST, finally, the weekend.

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