25 October 2009

Do You Believe in Fate?

Whenever I want to post something, but am not quite sure what to say, I go back to old journal entries and steal inspiration.  That said, this one still sums me up perfectly, even seven years (oh wow, where does time go?!) later.


I believe everything happens for a reason.  If we're lucky, we eventually find out what that reason is.

Everything happens for a reason; some good, some bad, some known, and some unknown.

I'd like to believe that the choices we make affect what happens.  However, those choices aren't just there - they're there for a reason.

I doubt I'll ever know why I'm hearing impaired.  But, I know now why I lost my hearing permanently; that's because the cochlear implant offers me both better hearing AND a better way of life.  I would not have gotten the cochlear implant had I not lost my hearing.

I also truly believe that our past affects our future.  Our past creates who we are and who we are affects our future.

I also believe you need to deal with your past, come to terms with it, let it go, and begin living your life.  By letting it go, you aren't letting the past go, but rather, yourself, so you can live your life.  The past is always there, but it can only haunt you if you let it do so. 

Part of the reason why I have faith is because now I understand that everything happens for a reason.  And I accept that not knowing what that reason is does not change that reason or mean that there is no reason.  Things don't just happen.  It hasn't been easy, learning how to understand and accept fate.  But it has allowed me to find peace again and to finally have faith.


Pictures:  All taken by me. 
1.) Michigan
2.) Michigan
3.) Maryland
4.) Maryland
5.) Maryland
6.) Tokyo
7.) Dubrovnik 

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