30 October 2009

Devil's Night

As most of you know, I grew up in Detroit.

In Detroit, we celebrate Halloween in a strange tradition.  On Halloween itself, it's usually completely necessary for kids to head out wearing long underwear, sweatsuits, those puffy snowsuits, and then whatever costume could possible fit over such roly-poly-ness. 

However, that's not how Detroit starts celebrating Halloween.  Anyone ever watch Brandon Lee's The Crow

Intense, but great movie.  It totally demonstrates the Detroit phenomenon known Devil's Night

The first time I ever knew about Devil's Night was from having the living daylights scared out of my nine-year-old self as I watched The Crow for the first time.

The following year, I was in Children's Hospital recovering from a surgery on Devil's Night.  From my hospital room window, I could see thick smoke from multiple fires across the city.  Pretty scary for a drugged-out, recovering-from-surgery, ten-year-old.  The following year, Detroit began calling Devil's Night Angel's Night instead. 

The name might have changed, but unfortunately, the tradition has remained.

Those of you who know me also I know I can't resist making fun of Detroit.  But woe be to the non-native fool who tries to make fun of Detroit in front of me.

Thus, as we schemed our plans for this weekend yesterday, I told Tuff Tiff that we had a job to do when we party tonight:

We need to school DC on how to celebrate Devil's Night, Detroit-style.
We will avoid outright arson.
But we will keep things fiery hot.
Because we are smokin' hot.

Come join us!

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