11 October 2009

Creative Compliments: Without Wax

A friend and I were chatting on g-chat the other night, when I received the coolest compliment:

House: This is gonna sound bad, but you remind me of a funeral
KtMac I remind you of a funeral?!
House lemme 'splain
did i tell you about when one of our church friends passed away earlier this year? amazing man 
KtMac:  yes
House:  his memorial service was incredibly moving
and all the people that came up to speak of him told amazing stories
but our pastor said something about him that stood out above anything else for me
he said that lots of words came to mind to describe the character of him, but one stood above all... sincere
and he went into the etymology of the word itself
i guess its roots were in Greek and roman culture, back when ornate carved statues were commonplace in every household
of course, the more wealthy you were, you could afford better craftsmanship
royalty and government usually got perfect work done to display
but those that had to settle for less got the same works, but with some chips and dings here and there on account of less professional work
so what these people would do was fill in the gaps and flaws with a colored wax to disguise it, make it look smooth
the only problem with this was that direct sunlight and really hot days would melt the wax, showing off all the lapses in quality again
and the word comes from 2 combined... sine cere... "without wax"
KtMac:  I didn't know that
House and that absolutely epitomizes the deceased
so to say you remind me of a funeral... you're not fake, you hold up to scrutiny, you're the best there is


Shareece said...
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Shareece said...

Still, thats an odd way to compliment someone!

KT Mac said...

But it does make for a memorable compliment...