24 September 2009

Creative Compliments: 6

I have a pair of sassy work shoes.  A while back, I realized I need a pair of go-to black dress shoes for work.  But who said they had to be boring?  So I picked up a pair of sassy, go-to black dress shoes for work.  I love them.  Sassy, stylish, and comfortable.  As such, they get regular wear (and compliments).

Today, however, I opted for basic flats.  Didn't feel like dealing with heels and changing my shoes to commute.  I'm in the office for less than five minutes this morning, and....

"Where's my cute shoes?!"

"I didn't feel like them today."

"You have to wear them!  See, I can't wear cute shoes like that anymore.  So you have to wear them so I can admire them and be happy."

So there you have it.  Even the cute shoes that make me happy make others happy.

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